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At my local store they come in lengths that are 70mm or 90mm wide, and 19mm thick. Because I wanted the box to be around mm deep I needed to join the boards so the box was 2-layers deep. I decided to join the boards using screws because I've always had bad luck using wood glue outdoors, so the best way to join the boards would've been with a pocket hole jig. I don't have a pocket hole jig so I had to improvise. I drilled centre holes through the height of the boards.

This would be tricky, but not impossible with a hand drill. Having a drill press made the job a lot easier. I clamped the boards together like you would with a pocket hole jig and screwed them together using 75mm galvanised screws.

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The other benefit of joining the boards this way instead of using pocket holes is you won't be able to see the screw holes once the box is put together. This'll make sense later. Now that I had the 4 walls of the box, I cut about 20mm off the front panel.

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This is the panel that the postman will see, so it needs a slot. I used a hand plane to angle the bottom piece of the slot down, away from the inside of the box. This means any rain that hits the front of the box will be angled out of the box, not into it. This is a minor detail that might not have a big impact, but these are the things that make a project look a little more professional. The top and bottom of the box were made of plywood. This is the only wood in the project that wasn't treated, but it didn't need to be.

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These panels will be screwed into the solid treated pine in a way that it can't expand with moisture and only the edges will be exposed. I would've used treated plywood, but it was significantly more expensive. Because the top was opening and pivoting on a corner, the corners needed to be rounded otherwise it wouldn't open. Then the top was screwed into the pivot and finally the base was screwed in. I used screws for the entire project because I wanted to be able to replace parts in the future. If, in 2 years, the mailbox has deteriorated I can replace the damaged parts.

It also allows me to make changes if the client discovers problems after using it for a few weeks. Next was the roof. The first job was to create "roof trusses" by cutting angles off some the 70mm x 19mm treated pine from earlier. These were screwed into the top of the roof from inside.

The "shingles" were made from more treated pine, 40mm x 12mm. I cut them a bit longer than the length of the box. The boards needed to be tapered so they could overlap.

Slim House Wood Mailbox

To clamp them in place for this operation I used some small screws as bench dogs. It is simple but hard to break. Its height is perfect which is easy to see from far and keep mails secure from an animal attack. It does not require a lot of strength to drive into the ground. If you are planning to purchase a new mailbox stand, then Mayne W is the best choice for you.

It is a new England style mailbox pole. It is very elegant for mailbox and posts. It comes in three different colors, white, clay, and black. It is suitable for small lawns and small mailboxes. It is a simple mailbox installation cedar deluxe drive. Gibraltar mailboxes are very cheap, easy to buy and easy to install. It is made in the U. Everyone wants mailbox for his home in which he can save his daily mail and newspaper even if he is out of home or inside busy in work for a long time.

Bristol Universal Mailbox Post, Black

Before buying a mailbox and mailbox post holder, you should read the best wooden mailbox reviews online and get to know about the following features. Overall, our findings provide additional information about the best wooden mailbox. You have a choice to buy wooden mailbox according to your need, whether you buy a single wooden mailbox or double mailbox for your massive mails.

There is an attractive, stylish, elegant mailbox of different design from Flambeau, Mayne, Gibraltar, and Highwood.

You can select anyone in any color and size of your choice which is according to USPS standards. It is up to you what is your desire and needs, but before buying the best wooden mailbox, please read out online reviews and the ratings of these mailboxes. After reading this article you can easily make a decision because we have discussed all the features of every mailbox and holder in details. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Product highlights It is ready to install with pre-drilled holes. Eye catching color. Good for small packages. Very sturdy, keep safe mail from thieves.

Check Latest Price on Amazon. Product highlights Plastic door and window.

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Galvanized paint coat to save from termites. Cedar wood mailbox roof, design to protect from rain and snow.

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Copolymer material with interior strut construction. Handcrafted, so it has no fault.

moldrperbackcom.tk Every inch checks after joining each part.