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When, as a result of one of the state notifications, an alleged owner contacts the state to inquire about the property, the person is referred to the holder for final verification of ownership and reconnection of the property to the owner. This means the holder must be prepared to verify ownership and prevent fraudulent claims.

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An owner can verify his or her right to the property by providing this unpublished information. In one case, a glitch in the California unclaimed property system caused more information to be published than was intended.

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MarketSphere assisted the holder in designing a reliable verification process to identify true owners and reveal posers under those challenging conditions. Your staff should be prepared to receive phone calls after notifications are published and also to remit properties to rightful owners or reactivate accounts. Any properties you restore to owners will not be included in your final escheatment report to the state.

Before the calls come in, identify a clear and effective process for ownership verification and train staff to implement the process. If this step is not completed for property owners with last-known addresses in California, you might inadvertently release funds to fraudulent owners. Under 28 U. Proof of notice to the U. Attorney must be provided to the court before any request for payment is approved. If you are entitled to unclaimed funds, please follow the procedures on this page to make a claim.

Claiming Your Property

The court issues one check in the name of the rightful owner of record only or jointly to the owner of record and the fund locator, if authorized by a power of attorney. The court does not make a separate payment to the fund locator to split out its fee or commission. Home About Unclaimed Funds Unclaimed registry funds are funds held by the court for a period of 5 years for an owner or recipient who is entitled to the money but who has failed to claim ownership, who cannot be located, or for whom payment has been returned from a last known address.

You might want to begin your search on MissingMoney , a Web site officially endorsed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators NAUPA containing the official collective records from most state unclaimed property programs. Both sites are free. If searching is free, why do I receive notices that there is a charge to search? Several business firms have used the states' freedom of information acts to obtain owner information.

These firms notify individuals that they will conduct a search for unclaimed property in their name for a fee. Many states do not even provide complete records to these firms to protect your privacy.

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The bottom line is that you may pay them to search if you wish, but all the information is accessible free of charge by searching the state databases or MissingMoney , or by contacting any state unclaimed property office. I have received a notice that property has been found, but there is a fee to obtain it.

There are many businesses, sometimes called finders or locators, which find legitimate lost property for owners and offer to inform them of how to obtain it for a fee, usually a percentage of the total some states limit the fee to 10 percent. Sometimes, companies will hire these firms to find you before they turn the funds over to the state. Ultimately the finder will ask you to sign a contract.

California State Controller's Office: About the Unclaimed Property Program

The majority of firms that provide these services work within the law, but there are also many unclaimed property scams across the United States. Before signing any contract from a firm of this type, we recommend that you be cautious and contact the unclaimed property office in your state for more information. How do I keep my property from becoming lost in the future?

Remember, property becomes lost due to a company having no communication with the owner. You should contact institutions that hold your money or property every year and especially when there is an address change or change in marital status. For security reasons, most financial institutions do not forward mail. Keep accurate financial records and record all insurance policies, bank account numbers with bank names and addresses, types of accounts, stock certificates, and rent and utility deposits.